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HellRaisers Part Ways with 1XBET

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We started working with 1XBET in August of 2018, when one of the most well-known betting companies in the world became our title partner. We’ve done a lot in these two years, we came back to Dota 2, opened a Fortnite division, made dozens of videos and even rebranded the organization. Our collaboration with 1XBET made a significant contribution to all of those achievements. 

This partnership was beneficial for both parties, but we decided to go our separate ways. A big thank you to 1XBET for their professionalism and overall faith in esports!


CEO  Alex “Magician” Slabukhin’s comment:

Our two years with 1XBET passed too fast. It was a pleasure for both me and our entire team to work with the guys from 1XBET. We also got on with them really well from the very beginning, were on the same page when it came to jokes and memes, and barely had any issues with anything. Unfortunately, that era has come to an end, and we need to go our separate ways now. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again in the future.