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Match Preview: HellRaisers vs Virtus.pro – 20:00 CET

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The more detailed report is in our website.

HellRaisers will play against Virtus.pro on three maps (Best of Three). The winner of this confrontation will play against Dignitas in semi-finals of the upper grid, the loser will get down to the lower grid, where will continue the struggle for a slot in the LAN-finals.

Virtus.pro – is very complicated opponent. The Polish team is unstable lately, due to their broken rhythm of the schedule of trainings and official games and due to the birth of the child at the main Poles’ sniper – Yaroslav “pasha” Yarzhabkovsky.

Last time teams met at LAN-tournament – Game Show League Finals, which took place in Moscow in the beginning of October. There Hellraisers have celebrated victory then (22:19 @mirage, 8:16 @inferno, 16:9 @overpass), and that allowed our team to get into the Grand-final of the championship. At the Russian event, «bears» came with the replacement: young MICHU played instead of pasha. That game was not easy, the match went to the third map, where Hellraisers were stronger.

From the moment, when «biceps» returned into the roster, Virtus.pro already have played eight matches online, and they lost only in one. Poles did a victorious series on FACEIT League, which allowed them to qualify for LAN-finals. Our opponents with ease came out of their group at Fragbite Masters, from the 1st place overplaying Titan team twice.

Key maps of Virtus.pro: de_cache, de_mirage, de_nuke, de_overpass.
Stronger sides: tactical preparations, teamplay, wide mappool
Weaker sides: sniper

The latest results of HellRaisers show that the team now in a good shape to overplay the Polish five. After the bootcamp, which our guys held before the AU&RU qualifying for ESWC, surely in team arsenal there are still remained some unused strategies; also the mistakes, occurred on LAN were analyzed and fixed. 

Internet play is not a problem for Hellraisers. Two weeks in-between Moscow and Kiev events our guys held six official matches online. ANGE1&Co got out of the bottom at FACEIT League and won against such famous opponents as Titan and NiP.

The score of personal fights between Virtus.pro and HellRaisers is in favor of “golden” ones. In 2014, teams played fifteen official maps against each other (and none knows how many pracs were there), from all of them our team celebrated a victory on three ones. Two of them won with already renewed roster of HellRaisers – together with Alexander «s1mple» Kostiliov.

Especially his appearance may cardinally change the course of the match against Virtus.pro. The absence of assigned sniper in Hellraisers roster have played for the poles’ favor, however the “bears” still have not found the key for the renewed style of our team. The confrontation of s1mple and pasha will decide many things. In case if Kostiliov will be able to win a sufficient number of duels against his opponent, it can bring that advantage, which can play a decisive role in determining the winner of this confrontation. 

Key maps of HellRaisers: de_mirage, de_inferno, de_cache, de_overpass
Stronger sides: sniper, first frags
Weaker sides: tactical preparations, recently renewed roster

The opponents know well each other; therefore, teams ought to surprise the enemy. Such matches usually become surprisingly spectacular. So, do not miss the broadcasting of this fight. Cheer for HR!