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Hellraisers won a slot to Paris

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Our team  HellRaisers as well as  Asus CyberZone were invited to a final part of qualifications, where they will fight against ESWC Russia & Ukraine Qualifiers winners for a ticket to videogames world championship, which gathers best gamers and is held in Paris (France). History of Electronic Sports World Cup covers more than 10 years and hundreds of thousand dollars of prize funds, this brand is known to every in cybersport world. This year, ESWC 2014 RU & UA Qualification LAN Finals will be held as teleconference between “Moscow Cyber Stadium” and “Kyiv Cybersport Arena”.
Qualification prizes:
1st place   Hellraisers – paid trip to the Grand Final in Paris
2nd place  Asus CyberZone – 5x set Kingston HyperX Cloud Black 
3rd place  ACES – 5x USB-drives DataTraveler HyperX 3.0
Upper bracket final
Grand Final
ESWC 2014
 [16:05] mirage


 [14:16] dust2 
 [13:16] mirage 

 [16:06] de_overpass

 [16:08] de_mirage


           [11:16] cache  

 [17:19] @ inferno

 [13:16] nuke
 [16:07] overpass
           [22:20] mirage  
 [16:06] mirage


*HR 1:0 due to coming from upper bracket
V-LOG by Alexander 's1mple' Kostyliev – LAN-final ESWC 2014 RU&UA Day 1
Составы участников:
  Hellraisers: s1mple, Markeloff, ANGE1, Dosia, kucher
  Asus CyberZone:  AdreN, flamie, B1ad3, bondik, WorldEdit
  A-Gaming: arch, teddy, smike, Pancher, CyberFocus
  TBEB: people, hhese, azimut, z1, fix
  ACG!: f1l1n, crush, def, retrik, vadlus
  es4x: brain, AERO, spaze, Foking, hurrii
  Nothing Personal: spyn, MEDUSA, toff, yovan, PLAZ
  ACES: denello, m0useTT, zei, torNadQ, tixoNsville

LAN-Qualification holding places:

«Kyiv Cybersport Arena»
Adress: Kyiv, Vadyma Hetmana str., 13
Game club: (044) 585-91-43
Sport Bar: (044) 585-97-44
«Moscow Cyber Stadium»
Adress: Moscow, Dmitrievskoe av, 27, building 1
Phone number (9:00 – 23:00) – +7 495 2320391