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Caseking of the Hill #9 – HellRaisers are the second

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Creators of RoomOnFire — Semmler, Anders and vENdetta continue to organize weekly online-championships in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline.  Fnatics, 8th tournament winners, participated as main team,  Property and our guys from  HellRaisers were invited to the Сaseking of The Hill #9, which was played on September 24. Two invited teams had to fight for a final part of the tournament. Holding system – Single Elimination, best of three matches.  Property vs  HellRaisers winner will play against  Fnatic, acting champions, for a champion's title.
Prize pool:
1st place Fnatic 750$
2nd place Hellraisers 250$
 [16:13] de_mirage
 [12:16] de_dust2
 [11:12] de_inferno**
 [16:11] de_dust2
*DDOS-attack didn't let  Property's player finish the match.
**At 11:12  HellRaisers vs  Fnatic on map de_inferno match was stopped due to the DDoS-attack.
Tournament maps:
Teams' rosters:
 Fnatic: flusha, pronax, jw, KRiMZ, olofm
 HellRaisers: ANGE1, Dosia, markeloff, kucher, s1mple
 Property: Delpan, Spitfire, zet, emilio, Jumpy

«We are very upset about the fact that despite all our hard work and spent time, we couldn't finish the deciding match which was stopped at 11:12 for Fnatic. Since the fisrst today's match, DDOS-attacks had been ruining the tournament. Our guys are now on bootcamp at Kyiv Cybersport Arena. We tried everything we could to fix this problem, but DDOS-attackes were so strong that they shut down all the club's internet. Teams started the same level again and again, but that was no use. Finally, it was impossible to continue when time was close to 3:00 am. Fnatic keep the title of Caseking of the Hill's champions and we start to prepare for new challenges. We hope that soon CS:GO world will manage to stand against DDOS-attacks so they won't be able to interere matches.

Thank you for being with us and for your support!»

Kyrill «ANGE1» Karasyov
CS:GO team captain
«About situation with Property. No one was tricking or bullying. Because of DDOS-attack our opponent lost two players at once. That's why match was delayed for a hour and half. Unfortunately, those two were players, who were in Skype-conference with referees. I just sent their message to the chat. Frankly speaking, I would do the same. There must be some limits, right? Or should we start playing against one team and finish against another? There is a huge part of players' guilt in DDoS-attack. That what happened to Fnatic. We couldn't protect ourselves properly from DDoS, so we gave up. Today we will seat and solve this problem once and for good 🙂 Thank you for your support! Your faith helps us! And thank you, haters, too, you're keeping our motivation to prove you that you're wrong. Piece out! =D Your ANGE1 ;)»