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HellRaisers.Dota won Na`Vi

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Our young team have lost almost all the chances to go on LANs, but Na'Vi palyers knew the prize of every point: there are a lot of strong teams that are about to beat them in the ladder.

During draft, HR's captain chose Death Prophet for Yoky, Brewmaster for Dread, Immune took a support Skywrath Mage and Dubas mounted Earthshaker. ArtStyle himself took a risk and picked Riki as a carry.

Fight met the expetations – match was extremely hot and intense. Here's a VOD for you to watch:

Sixteen frags – that's ArtStyle's personal result, which, of course, would be impossible without team's help, that played straight and disciplined game. In previous matches we would start well, but then would quickly drop all the advantage, but this time everything went perfect: aggressively and with a decent result.

And here's the cherry on top: Rampage by Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov, enjoy!