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AdreN leaves HellRaisers

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It is very hard to change something what you got used to. It is even more difficult to part with colleague and friend, actually a member of a large and close-knit family. However, life dictates it's own severe laws and demands to progress forward.
We are very grateful to Dauren for the time spent in team and for his contribution to its development. He stood at the origins of the team and can be fairly considered as one of the reasons of that popularity and sympathies of fans, which team has today.
Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiov, captain of the team:
«During last year we tried to change almost anything – beginning the playing style, ending with the captains. Unfortunately, none of those ways brought us the results, which could satisfy our fans’ hopes and us. That is why we forced to use the least desirable option – change in roster. The decision was given us very hard, but we came to it together. We all understood that the mechanism is not working and the changes needed badly. We say good-bye to Daur and I sincerely hope that we can keep good relationships and our ways will cross each other again in the future. Thanks for the time that we spent together, it was really something bigger than just simply «play with a teammate»;)!»

Dauren «AdreN» Kistaubayev:
«It is not a secret, that our last results were unsatisfactory, to say the least. It was necessary to change something and all this went on that way. At the same time, I am glad and upset. I am glad because from now on, I will be able to fully reveal my potential; and I am upset because I will not play together with my friends from HellRaisers. I wish all the guys good luck and more victories. I really want them to start winning. Thanks to the team, its management and all the «staff» of HellRaisers. Thanks to all, who supported us. I ask all to cheer for HellRaisers and not to stop believing in team. The team will show itself anyway and I hope in a nearest time. I will not leave the gaming scene and will continue to play, but after a little break. Therefore, do not forget to cheer for me! Bye all, bye HellRaisers!»

Who will take vacant place of the fifth player? Not yet decided. We will keep you up to date about the situation – all details about the new team member you will know the first.
Your’s HellRaisers. From Hell With Love