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HellRaisers are breaking into Dota 2 world

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Organization HellRaisers creates a roster in Dota 2 discipline! Our squad is a harmonic union of ambitions, experience and youth.
As an organization, we aim for the highest peaks because we know what fans' trust mean. It gives us additional responsibilities and we can't let them down. We accept it gladly, with sparkles in our eyes. Month of work and new triumphs are up ahead.

I'm back because I feem that I'm ready. For years that I've been out, a lot changed. I became more serious, desire to play is now more mature and weighted. Dota 2 is a game of intellect and reaction. The better you know yourself, the more chances you have.
I hope my teammates will support the team spirit — desire to win, work and continue our play despite anything. Our target is to show a good game and, of course, to win.

We think positively and scale. We have far going plans – so fans will be surprised by our strategies and combinations.
Of course, there will be defeats as well as wins. However, our team is ready to get through them.
We count on fans support. But as players, we will do everything possible to take our deserved place.

"Philosophy of   HellRaisers – playing for fans. We are always happy to see new faces in our friendly family, so, join!"
 HellRaisers Dota 2 rosters:

 Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov
 Andrey «Dread» Golubev
 Vitaliy «dubassssss» Luhtan
 Ilya «ALOHADANCE» Korobkin
 Maxim «Yoky» Kim