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Coverage: ESL One Cologne 2014

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During the period from August 14 to August 17 we will be entirely concentrated on performance of our guys at one of the major tournaments of this summer in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – EMS One Cologne. Competition is held in  Cologne, Germany at the annual exhibition GamesCom. Sixteen best teams will compete for the prize fund of $ 250,000.
Delegation of  HellRaisers team consists of seven people: five players of main lineup, one manager and one video operator/photographer. It means, that you will get the freshest information about the team, the photo pictures renewing and videos with participation of our guys will appear every day.
Concerning the participants of this tournament: eight teams, which formed the top-8 of EMS One Katowice have received direct invitations for this tournament. Six slots have been played in the European qualifiers, one slot granted to North American player and the last one – reserved for Australia/Oceania representative.
Prizepool of ESL One Cologne:
1 place — $100,000
2 place — $50,000
3-4 place — $22,000
5-8 place — $10,000
9-16 place — $2,000



[16:11] @inferno
[07:16] @dust2
[16:14] @nuke


[16:11] @dust2
[16:14] @overpass


[09:16] @dust2
[08:16] @inferno


[11:16] @cobble
[16:08] @cache
[13:16] @inferno


[16:14] @dust2
[16:12] @mirage


[16:10] @inferno
[06:16] @nuke
[14:16] @cobble


[16:08] @nuke
[14:16] @dust2
[14:16] @cobble



Group Stage:
Group А И В П О   
 Ninjas in Pyjamas #2 3 2 1 6  
 HellRaisers #3 3 1 2 3  
 Epsilon #1 2 2 0 6  
 Wolf #4 2 0 2 0  
 NiP [16:7]  Wolf @ dust2
 HR [1:16]  Epsilon @ inferno
 HR [16:04]  Wolf @ mirage
 NiP [05:16]  Epsilon @ cobblestone
 HR [11:16]  NiP @ overpass
Group B И В П О
 LDLC #1 2 2 0 6
 Natus Vincere #2 3 2 1 6
 Copenhagen Wolves #3 3 1 2 3
 London Conspiracy #4 2 0 2 0
 LDLC [16:07]  LC @ nuke
 Na'Vi [16:03]   CW @ inferno
 LC [05:16]  CW @ cache
 LDLC [16:12]   Na'Vi @ inferno
 CW [17:19]  Na'Vi @ dust2
Group C И В П О   
 Virtus.pro #2 3 2 1 6  
 fnatic #1 2 2 0 6  
 iBUYPOWER #3 3 1 2 3  
 dAT #4 2 0 2 0  
 VP [16:07]  dAT @ overpass
 fnatic [16:07]  iBP @ cobblestone
 dAT [05:16]  iBP @ cobblestone
 VP [16:19]  fnatic @ overpass
 iBP [02:16]  VP @ cache
Group D И В П О
 dignitas #2 3 2 1 6
 Cloud9 #1 2 2 0 6
 Titan #3 3 1 2 3
 Vox Eminor #4 2 0 2 0
 dignitas [16:09]  Vox Eminor @ dust2
 Cloud9 [22:18]  Titan @ dust2
 Vox Eminor [01:16]  Titan @ nuke
 dignitas [14:16]  Cloud9 @ mirage
 Titan [01:16]  dignitas @ nuke
Day 2, Live report:
[12:50]: Players are very upset by the defeat, all the details will follow later.
[12:30]: And still.. it wasn't possible … we lost 16-11, although we were so close to equalize the score.
[12:20]: The venue blows up from the play action performed by the teams.
[12:15]: Our team did not give up and tried to pull the victory out with all the team strength.
[12:10]: Teams changed by sides, HR were close to win the pistol round, but NiP did not allow to do that.
[12:00]: HellRaisers won only 5 rounds for attacking side.
[11:30]: kucher’s play wasn't successful, but the team tried to encourage the teammate.
[11:10]: The pistol round our team wins, however after 3 lost rounds NiP seized the initiative.
[10:45]: Players rapidly came to the stage, took their places and began to set up their computers.
[10:35]: Random chose the Overpass map.
[10:30]: During the battles at coble determined the opponent for our team – it is NiP.
[9:30]: At the stage NiP and Epsilon nestled, they have to decide which team will take the first place in the group and which one will be the opponent to HR.
[9:15]: The team arrived two hours before the match with a serious adjustment for play.
Photo gallery
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Day 1, Live report:
[13:30]: Tomorrow we will meet the team, which will lose in the match of NiP against Epsilon. Game scheduled at 10:50 CET.
[12:45]: Personal skill and excellent teamwork of HR drove them to victory with the score of 16:4
[12:10]: From the first round, the opponent went ahead in score, but HR stopped them at the 4th round, confidently taking the game to own hands.
[12:00]: The map for the game against Wolf will be Mirage.
[11:40]: The match against Wolf awaits for them ahead, their opponent lost to NiP. Particularly this game will decide which team of Group A leaves the tournament.
[11:30]: The team is upset, but doesn’t give up. Players immediately decided to make the correction of mistakes.
[10:45]: Players adjusted for comeback and discussed for a while the play on the other side, however they could not oppose anything to French. Total score is 16:1.
[10:35]: By results of the first side is only one round for HR.
[10:25]: HR are very close to win the round, but every time they cannot do that. Confusion is felt inside the team, but players calmed down and continued tries to change the tide of the match.
[10:20]: During the playing for the first side, HR cannot impose their game to opponents.
[10:10]: The annoying mistake in misunderstanding between players did not allow HR to get ahead in the first pistol round.
[10:05]: HR began for terror’s side.
[09:50]: Match began with a small delay. Random preferred the 'Inferno’ map instead of ‘Mirage’ and ‘Cash’.
[09:35]: GamesCom impresses with the scope. You may easily be lost here. Direction signs help a lot.
[09:15]: The time of the match is very early in the morning. Players had problems to wake up early, but the adjustment for the game is serious enough.
[09:00]: The team has arrived at the venue and adjusted the computers. Unfortunately players can not comfortable nestle, the tables are too small for 5 playing people. Also here it is too noisy. It is very good that we have noise reduction headphones, which most of our players decided to use. However, problems appear anyway. Players have hard times hearing the info from teammates.


 HellRaisers: AdreN, Markeloff, ANGE1, Dosia, kucher
 Natus Vincere: starix, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN, seized
 Ninjas in Pyjamas: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg
 Epsilon: shox, kioShiMa, fxy0, Sf, GMX
 Wolf: Ace, RiTz, astaRRR, sMx, Rix
 LDLC: Happy, Uzzziii, Maniac, apEX, KQLY
 Copenhagen Wolves: karrigan, gla1ve, smF, Pimp, cajunb
 London Conspiracy: Polly, Skurk, prb, rain, RUBINHO
 Virtus.pro: Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax
 fnatic: pronax, olofm, JW, KRiMZ, flusha
 iBUYPOWER: Skadoodle, swag, DaZeD, AZK, steel
 dAT: bondik, B1ad3, ub1que, WorldEdit, flamie
 dignitas: aizy, FeTiSh, device, dupreeh, Xyp9x
 Cloud9: n0thing, Hiko, shroud, sgares, Semphis
 Titan: NBK, ScreaM, kennyS, Ex6TenZ, SmithZz
 Vox Eminor: Havoc, AZR, jks, topguN, SPUNJ