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HellRaisers website opens its doors!

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Dear visitors! The official site of HellRaisers team is finally opened! Now everyone has a marvelous opportunity to dive into the team's inner world, find out some details about game life, get an answer on your questions or just support their favourite team.
Kirill “ANGE1” Karasiov, CS:GO team captain:
«Dear friends! We are happy to welcome you on our new website! This is surely the new stage of the development of our organization. From now on, here you will be able to find the newest content about us and from us – our blogs, videos, news and much more!»

Andrey «Dread» Golubev, leader of Dota 2 roster:
«Although this site is still at beta-test and, respectively, some functions are currently not available, this won't prevent us from being closer to you, our fans, with the help of our new "weapon" – hellraisers.pro»

Site is currently working in testing mode – it's being finished and new information is posted regularly. We would be very grateful, if you could help us by reporting about the difficulties appeared during using the services of the website. If you find a mistake, bug, some layout problems or you bump into any other mistake, please, report us to our e-mail: [email protected].
Soon, there will be a period of recruiting on our site. We are looking for talented journalists, artists, moviemakers and much more. Stay with us!
About HellRaisers:
HellRaisers team was created in spring 2014 by the best players in CIS, which are famous worldwide in Counter-Strike. Despite the Ukrainian roots of ClanTag, team plays under CIS flag. In August 2014 the division in Dota 2 discipline was created.  Each player has a great experience and a long history of participation in eSports. Team has a collection of numerous awards from the world's major championships.