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One step from the final on DreamHack Summer 2014

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The championship DreamHack Summer 2014 by the tradition is being held in Sweden, Jonkoping from 14 until 16 of June. The prize fund of tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was $30,000. 

The group stage of DreamHack Summer 2014 will went by GSL system, and playoff — by single elimination best-of-three.

Prize pool:
1 place — $10,000 ( Ninjas in Pyjamas)

2 place — $5,000 ( Natus Vincere)

3-4 places — $3,500 ( Epsilon,  HellRaisers)

5-8 places — $2,000 ( Virtus.pro,  Titan,  Lemondogs,  SK Gaming)
The results of the match with participation of our team:
 HellRaisers [09:16, 16:11, 13:16]  Ninjas in Pyjamas @nuke, inferno, dust2
 HellRaisers [16:08, 16:11]  SK Gaming @inferno, nuke
Group Stage:
 HellRaisers [16:05]  Reason @inferno
 HellRaisers [16:06]  Titan @mirage
Team list:
 Ninjas in Pyjamas: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg
 Fnatic: pronax, Devilwalk, JW, schneider, flusha
 SK Gaming: eksem, SKYTTEN, pita, roque, emilio
 Titan: NBK, ScreaM, kennyS, Ex6TenZ, SmithZz
 London Conspiracy: Polly, maak, RUBINO, rain, Skurk
 Virtus.pro: Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax
 Natus Vincere: starix, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN, seized
 HellRaisers: AdreN, markeloff, Dosia, kucher, ANGE1
 Lemondogs: zEVES, hMp, xelos, pyth, Delpan
 Reason: cadiaN, MSL, Nille, EXR, PnX
 Berzerk: asmo, SolEk, kRYSTAL, fel1x, alexRr
 Publiclir.se: quix, puffran, pyth, ponkus, samzter
 Epsilon: shox, kioShiMa, mistou, Sf, GMX
 Flipsid3: hydrox, relIk, zape, barsiC, Jumpy
 Expert Gaming: StiG, base, skippii, spity, yakin
 o4o: fAERSKA, wacky, Khrispy, Quikz, madman
Cheer for HellRaisers!