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Results of play at EMS One Katowice

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The championship EMS One Katowice took place in Poland, Katowice from 13 until 16 of March at the time of final of Intel Extreme Masters. Sixteen best teams played for prize fund of $250,000.
Ten teams received invitations from organizers, the other six teams needed to go throughout the qualifying stage. Qualifications held in Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, France, Poland and CIS. Determined sixteen strongest teams in these regions played for only six permits to EMS One Katowice Grand Finals. By results of the National finals the list of participants as follows: Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere, 3DMAX, mousesports, Reason and  Clan-Mystik.
The group stage of EMS One Katowice Grand Finals will be held by GSL system.
Ten teams received direct invitations from organizers, but the remained six teams had to go through qualifications stage.

Prize pool: $250,000

1 place — $100,000 —  Virtus.pro

2 place — $50,000 —  Ninjas in Pyjamas

3-4 place — $22,000 —  LGB eSports,  dignitas

5-8 place — $10,000 —  HellRaisers,  Complexity,  LDLC,  Fnatic

9-16 place — $2,000 —  Titan,  mousesports,  3DMAX,  Vox Eminor, 
9-16 place — $2,000 —  iBUYPOWER,  Reason,  Natus Vincere,  Clan-Mystik

The results:
 HellRaisers [0:2]  Dignitas @bo3 (7:16 @dust2, 11:16 @mirage)
 HellRaisers [16:19]  Virtus.pro @ mirage
 HellRaisers [16:09]  mousesports @ dust2
 HellRaisers [16:14]  Titan @ inferno
 Fnatic: pronax, flusha, schneider, JW, Devilwalk
 Ninjas in Pyjamas: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg
 Titan: Ex6TenZ, NBK, SmithZz, ScreaM, shox
 dignitas: cajunb, FeTiSh, device, dupreeh, Xyp9x
 LDLC.com: Happy, Uzzziii, Maniac, apEX, KQLY
 LGB eSports: KRiMZ, twist, olofm, cype, dennis
 Complexity: n0thing, semphis, Hiko, sgares, swag
 HellRaisers: AdreN, Markeloff, ANGE1, Dosia, kucher 
 iBUYPOWER: Skadoodle, anger, DaZeD, AZK, adreN
 Vox Eminor: Havoc, AZR, TopguN, SnypeR, SPUNJ
 Virtus.pro: Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax
 Natus Vincere: starix, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN,seized
 3DMAX: Pimp, gla1ve, aizy, MSL, raalz
 mousesports: chrisJ, LEGIJA, cLy, tiziaN, cadiaN
 Reason: Friis, karrigan, smF, EXR, LOMME
 Clan-Mystik: HaRts, kioShiMa, kennyS, GMX, Sf
Cheer for HellRaisers!