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HellRaisers.CS:GO are the Champions of the CIS Minor Championship: London 2018

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Team Spirit @bo3
(16:14 @Overpass, 6:16 @Mirage, 16:14 @Dust 2)

The grand final of the CIS Minor was only to determine the team that would get the lion’s share of the prize pool and a better seed, since both teams had already secured spots in the major. The match was tough. We began the first map well, but Team Spirit put up a good fight in the second half. Eventually, we won by the narrowest of margins.

We kept the momentum going with a five-round win streak at the start of the second match, after which Spirit fought back, eventually taking the map. We started Dust 2 on CT side, and our first half wasn't great, but we recovered after switching sides and won the game!

Stats by hltv.org

_Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Ivan

_"Johnta" Shevtsov's comment:

"We started Overpass really well, but then began making mistakes when the score was 7:1, which resulted in us losing a couple of rounds. We won the pistol round on T side and then couldn't win the following eco round, which allowed Spirit to get back in the game. Their movement was pretty good, and we struggled to keep up with their rotations. We realized that we needed to play faster in the last rounds, and so a few fast attacks helped us win.

The beginning of the second map was perfect, but then we let up and started making bad decisions in key rounds, which ruined our economy. Spirit then went with a double-AWP setup and dominated the map. Spirit were great on Mirage, while we lost our nerve and, subsequently, the map.

They started Dust 2 well, too. We just couldn't get into the game at first. We made mistakes that we shouldn't have made. Anyway, we came back on T side, with the guys winning some vital clutches, and ANGE1 giving the right calls. We did a better job of predicting their movements. Eventually, we finished off an excellent comeback. Thank you all for the support".