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HellRaisers.CS:GO Finish Second at Moche XL Esports

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  SK Gaming @bo3
(17:19 @Cache, 10:16 @Overpass)

Our opponent in the final of Moche XL Esports was SK Gaming. We began the first map on the CT side and could only manage to rack up five points in the first half. We did close the gap after switching sides, although SK pulled back from a 13-15 deficit to force overtime, which they eventually closed out 19-17. Our T side on the second map was pretty poor as we tallied only four points. We fought hard to make the final score respectable, but SK Gaming won 2:0.


Stats by hltv.org

_Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO, Ivan
_"Johnta" Shevtsov's comment:

"We didn't win enough rounds on the first map, Cache. We lost way too many rounds where we had an advantage and made a lot of mistakes in general, about which we had talked, but weren’t able to avoid in-game for some reason. We could have won Overpass too, even with the slow start. We lost many rounds from advantageous positions, lost many entries and, generally, we could have and should have done much better. I think that they didn't do anything special that we couldn't play against. It was just us not playing our best. I really hope that one day we'll reach the level where we won't make the same mistakes over and over again and will win tournaments when we get to finals. Thanks to everyone for the support".