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Five USP-S Skins Everyone Would Pick Up

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1. USP-S | CyrexFactory New (from $3,5)

The style of the future and the weapon of the present, the red and black design of which will be the last thing your enemies see.


2. USP-S | Blueprint, Factory New (from $5)

Whether you’re fragging in Apartment or wildly emptying your clip at Underpass, plan and execute the destruction of your opponents with this blue beauty.


3. USP-S | StainlessFactory New (from $7)

The indifference to life is never more apparent than in cold steel. This simple, elegant classic never gets old.


4. USP-S | Neo-Noir, Factory New (from $43)

This world is dark, it's bogged down in violence, but the blade runner will stick to its path and will punish everyone, getting in its way.


5. USP-S | Kill Confirmed, Factory New (from $47)

Guns don't kill people, you do. This skin will make sure your opponents understand that, and will strike fear into anyone not holding this silent deathbringer.


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