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Seven Outstanding AWP Skins That You Will Like

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1. AWP | Fever Dream, Field-Tested (from $6,5)

A unique, bright and memorable skin for a low price? That's a real catch. No one will be able to take their eyes off you, while you, fashionably, keep your eye on them.


2. AWP | Elite Build, Factory New (from $10)

They say it’s custom-painted using a combination of hydrographics and careful stenciling and then detailed with heat-transfer decals. It’s classy and professional. Leon would approve.


3. AWP | Electric Hive, Minimal Wear (from $10,5)

The bright pattern will boost your confidence, and help you BEE (see what we did there) the best you can.


4. AWP | Mortis, Battle-Scarred (from $12)

It's time to start the enemy hunting. You'll definitely evoke fear in your enemies while inflicting some war wounds.

5. AWP | Hyper Beast, Factory New (from $47)

Beast mode: engaged. Friends and foes, alike, will be hyped to see this beautiful skin. Its bright and beautiful image helps this model stand out from the rest.


6. AWP | Lightning Strike, Factory New (from $55)

Bring down the wrath of Zeus on your enemies! The fearsome natural phenomenon is captured on this skin, making your opponents afraid of getting near you (or standing near tall objects)!

7. AWP | Medusa, Battle-Scarred (from $485)

Looking into the eyes of Medusa causes certain death due to her horrific appearance. As the owner, you can stare at this skin as much as you like, safely. We can’t promise the same for the other team.

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