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The Decider for HellRaisers.CS:GO

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  HellRaisers vs  North — 26.04, 20:00 CEST @Cobblestone

 HellRaisers vs  North — 26.04, 21:10 CEST @Train

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, bondik woxic, DeadFox, ISSAA

 NorthMSL, mertz, Kjaerbye, aizy, valde

Yesterday, we confidently beat  LDLC on two maps, and this evening, we're having a match with the Danes from  North. It hasn't been even three weeks since we outplayed the enemy in the grand final of Bets.net Masters and earned a ticket to StarSeries i-League S5, and here we are, facing off against  North again for a spot in the LAN finals of ESL Pro League Season 7. Both teams need two wins to secure the spot, since  Heroic are only 1 point behind us.

The fight with the Danes will take place on Cobblestone and Train. We've played Cobblestone 15 times already and have an impressive 73,3% winrate, while  North have played it 17 times, winning in 53% of the games. As for Train, both teams here play much less successfully: the map cannot be called consistent for either of the squads.

It's going to be truly hot this evening. The battle for a spot in the finals of the prestigious world league will give us the higest-level CS. We know how to win it and will get the victory with your support!

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