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Intense evening for HellRaisers.CS:GO

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 HellRaisers vs  G2 — 11.04, 17:00 CEST @Mirage
 HellRaisers vs  G2 — 11.04, 18:05
CEST @Inferno
 HellRaisers vs  Space Soldiers — 11.04, 21:30
CEST @Cobblestone
 HellRaisers vs  Space Soldiers — 11.04, 22:35 CEST @Inferno

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, bondik woxic, DeadFox, ISSA
 G2: bodyy, mixwell, NBK-, kennyS, apEX
 Space Soldiers: XANTARES, ngiN, paz, MAJ3R, Calyx

We played  FaZe Clan yesterday and are going up against  G2 and  Space Soldiers today!

The match day will be opened with a game against  G2. The French are taking 8th place in the standings and haven't secured a spot in the final of the season yet, so every upcoming match for them is essential. Our last meeting with  G2 happened in the sixth season of ESL Pro League. We lost then to the French on Cobblestone (13:16), but won Inferno (16:10). Well, we expect to see a spectacular match and a victory of our squad!

After a short break, we'll have a match with  Space Soldiers. We don't play the Turkish team often: the last match with the guys took place within qualifiers for the European Minor ELEAGUE Major and ended with our loss on Cobblestone with a score of 14:16. The Turks have become stronger since then and are taking second place in the league. The result is rather impressive, but our players haven't been idling either and are ready to face the rival.

In order to secure a spot in the prestigious LAN finals, we need wins, and we'll get them.

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