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HellRaisers.CS:GO don’t let North score a point

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 HellRaisers [2:0] North @bo3
(16:12 @Mirage, 16:5 @Cobblestone)

In the upper bracket final, HR faced North. The match featured a bo3 format. We had a good first half on the first map where we took 8 rounds. After the side switching, our guys managed to gain pace and easily won the first map.

HR started the second map on the attack. The team won ten rounds in the first half and after the side switching didn't let the enemy score a point, having ended with a 16:5 score.

Stats by hltv.org

_Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Ivan

_"Johnta" Shevtsov's comment:

"It was hard on Mirage: they skilfully moved around the map, and it was difficult for us to make decisions sometimes. Despite that, ANGE1 gave excellent calls and played the meeting really well, and the guys followed his lead and felt confident, too. They played strongly, but we were better today. Thanks for the support!"

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