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The 3 most popular myths about Bitcoins

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First myth: using bitcoins leads to trouble with the law

Obtaining and using bitcoins in most countries isn't regulated by the law or is taxed. Bitcoins are banned only in some countries, and it's rather a rare occasion.

Second myth: obtaining the cryptocurrency causes too much harm for ecology

Obtaining the cryptocurrency requires a lot of energy, but it cannot be called an non-ecological process. In fact, the consumption level of the entire network is negligible compared to another fields, for example heavy industry. Moreover, electricity can also be obtained in ecologically clear ways.

Third myth: control of a bitcoin network can be seized

Seizing control of a network is a possible scenario in theory, but doesn't make any sense in practice. An intruder will be able to only stop transactions and will need a huge amount of energy and a special equipment. Such an attack simply is meaningless and will only damage the one, having seized control.

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