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V4 Future Sports Festival: First match day preview

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    HellRaisers vs  Dark Tigers — 23.03, 09:00 CET @bo2

      HellRaisers vs  GameAgents — 23.03, 11:30 CET @bo2
 HellRaisers vs  FaZe Clan — 23.03, 22:00 CET @bo2

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, DeadFox, ISSAA, woxic, bondik

 Dark Tigers: Tomkeejs, EYO, beastik, capseN, tusi
 GameAgents: gabesson, koloRRR, FLEAV, Zero, The eLiVe

 FaZe Clan: GuardiaN, olofmeister, NiKo, rain, karrigan

Long-awaited V4 Future Sports Festival is starting. Our team will start the group stage with a meeting against Czech  Dark Tigers. The enemy isn't well-known, and the match's favorite is pretty obvious. We need to take two maps confidently and earn such essential points.

We're facing  GameAgents in the second match. The new team of  Zero is only gaining momentum, though they already are real danger to their enemies. We're sure that this is going to be a spectacular series.

 HellRaisers will then have a decider in the group stage against the main favorite of the event,  FaZe Clan. The teams fought on eight maps in 2017, and there's currently a draw between the squads: 4:4. We'll see who's stronger this time!

So, our five will have tough games tomorrow. There's only one spot in the playoff, so the fight is going to be intense!

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