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HR Faces: Aleksey “xaoc” Kucherov

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At the end of each episode about a person, working at HellRaisers, we'll give away cool prizes. We'll choose 2 winners this time where one will play a match with  xaoc on FACEIT, and the second one will get an amazing HellRaisers hoodie which isn't even on sale yet!

What do you need to do? The task is pretty simple! Answer the following question: "What came first, ANGE1 or HellRaisers?" in the comments below this article here or here. Aleksey Kucherov will choose the two most interesting and creative answers, the authors of which will get the prizes! The contest will last for 7 days since the episode is published. Until then, it's high time you subscribed to Facebook and Twitter pages of the hero of this article!

— Hello, Aleksey! Those who played CS 1.6 know you as a player. We're going to tell everything about you today! Are you ready?
— Hi! Easy (smiles).

— Tell us about yourself a little. Where are you from? How old are you? What education do you have?
— I live in Kiev, 30 years old. I gratuated from the Kyiv National Economic University, Finance & Economics specialist, Masters Degree in financial market.

— How did you join HellRaisers? What did you hear about the tag before?
— I started going to different countries for CS 1.6 tournaments back in 2005 and faced a formidable opponent that was HellRaisers many times; it was the rival that took very important wins away from my team. I joined HellRaisers in 2009 and played together with  ANGE1,  Johnta,  markeloff and  Edward. In the era of CS:GO, I came back in the organization's management. So, I've been in this field for more than 10 years, which definitely helps.


— Why did you decide to end your gaming career? Did you want to come back?

— I want to come back almost every single time I see an interesting match (laughs). Seriously, I want to return and rekt. But then I come down to earth and understand that it's at least a year with no guarantee, and I have enough work to do at this point besides that.

— You worked as a financial director of HellRaisers. What's difficult about the job in the esports field?
— The industry is international, and you need to know more different nuances than within one country. Besides that, in order to do everything efficiently, you need to understand percentages in esports and have the information. Luckily, both esports and finance are what I know a thing or two about.

— You then took the CEO position, while still being the CFO. How do you manage to combine two such difficult jobs? What are advantages and disadvantages of working as a CEO?
— While I've been dealing with finance in HellRaisers for half a year, I've managed to make the process simple and clear, which makes my life easier now.

When there appear things that need more of my attention, then I need to set priorities. Advantages and disadvantages? It's all subjective here. Some consider many responsibilities, work and unclear situations to be a difficulty, though I see it all as development for both the organization and myself.

However, I'd point out one difficulty such as emotional tension for the team's results. You cannot affect it directly, so sometimes I "rage" as any other viewer; I'm a fan, just like any of you (smiles). Wins give you wings and bring a lot of energy, though!

— Besides working in HellRaisers, you're also an analyst at StarLadder and work at every tournament covered by the CS:GO studio. You're able to focus on a few things at once, just like Caesar did, aren't you?
— It's more like the analyst job is an excellent addition to the knowledge of the CS:GO field and its sports aspect. It would be much more difficult to make effective decisions without it.

— Who's your favorite analyst and commentator?

My favorite analyst is Aleksandr Petrik, of course, because of his sense of humor and self-irony. I won't name the commentator, though, since they'll find me.

— What's your usual day like?

In the morning, I go through notifications and messages I got at night. Then I have breakfast, read news to stay on top of things. A gym, which I sometimes combine with planning; I immediately put everything down on my phone. My work, it's pretty clear here and listing everything would be boring. Then there's my family in the evening and work in the messenger/mail mode.

— Do you get time for your favorite things, family?
— I try to make time, though when the schedule is tight, there's usually not enough time.

— What are your other hobbies?
Self-development, financial markets and sometimes I even get to play CS:GO or Dota 2.

— Which roster of HellRaisers do you consider the most promising? (despite the current one)
— I see where you're going. However, the most promising lineup is the current one.

— What event did you remember the most while working in HellRaisers?
SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 in April of 2017 where our team showed a very decent result in the completely full Palace "Ukraine".

— What's your favorite LAN you've visited as an analyst/player?

StarSeries in Minsk 2016. It was something one cannot forget.

— What personal achievement are you proud of the most?
— I made it into the top 4 at world tournaments, though the most memorable one is definitely the top 3 at WCG 2007. It was the first big achievement not only for me, but for Ukraine at that point of CS.

— What advice would you give to those who dream of becoming a professional player?

— You need to play a lot and think about your play in the first place. Sometimes 5 minutes of watching a demo and thinking about moves of  coldzera can be more useful than a week on DM.


— What will happen to esports in 5 years?
— It'll become bigger and more professional.

— What's the best computer game in the history?
— H
eroes of Might and Magic III (those who remember will understand).

— Who is your favorite professional player?
—  coldzera, he definitely knows something.

— What match of HellRaisers did you remember the most?
— The one against  Cloud9 for the Atlanta major. 

— How will you celebrate HR winning a Major tournament?
— I'll go on a vacation with the thought for a week or two.

— What is the most valueble advice you've ever got?
— To come back to CS:GO (laughs).

— What is your dream?
— To always achieve my goals.

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