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HellRaisers.CS:GO finally together and ready to fight MVP PK!

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 HellRaisers vs  MVP PK — 19.02, 18:00 CET @bo3

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, bondik woxic, DeadFox, ISSAA

 MVP PKXigN, HSK, solo, glow, zeff

After losing to  Natus Vincere and Danes from  Heroic, our team has a 0:2 score at the tournamentIssa "ISSAA" Murad has arrived to Kiev this morning, and thus  HellRaisers will have the match with Koreans from  MVP PK at full strength. The beginning of the event has been tough for the rival, as well: after the expected loss to  SK Gaming, the Korean team desperately fought against  Virtus.pro, but eventually lost with a 1:2 score.

Our team will meet  MVP PK for the first time, but the  HellRaisers players are ready to show their strength in such an important match at their home tournament. The fight will feature a best-of-three format. A winner will proceed to the playoff, while a loser will leave the tournament. We're sure we'll see a spectacular series!

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