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Sportsbet.io launches Roshan Lottery. What is that and how to play it?

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Sportsbet.io has launched a new mode! Roshan Lottery is an excellent opportunity to play a real attraction of emotions designed in the Dota 2 style.

Everyone can try it, since it requires no investments: go to the game's page, choose a bet's size and press the golden circle. The outcome will be decided by the great random!

Your winnings depend on rarity of a line you get. For example, betting 1 Fun might give you:

So, getting a line of the same artifacts means you've got your virtual winnings and tried the new mode. You can now continue the chase for wealth by betting with bitcoins.

You'll need to sign in for that. Luckily, Sportsbet.io makes the registration as comfortable as possible, so that plus making deposits take only a few minutes!

Roshan has an eye for gambling. Remember that while trying to risk and to challenge him!

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Founded in 2016 as part of the Coingaming Group, Sportsbet.io is a leading bitcoin-led sportsbook operator. Sportsbet.io has an expansive, quality betting product across all major sports and eSports, offering more than 350,000 pre-match events per year 

Esport is huge and full of passion and emotions, even small events have that. Bookmakers organizations have already entered the race for viewers' money. However, while some promote and use the old and boring methods, our partner, Sportsbet.iogoes forwards and offers betting with bitcoins.

Every user is solely responsible for his decisions. Keep in mind that you perform all gambling actions at your own risk. The article is sponsored content.

Sportsbet.io has launched a new mode where you can challenge the legendary Roshan from Dota 2! Start playing without registration or any investments. Only luck defines the winner. Multiply your fortune by playing with bitcoins.