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How to become a pro player. Story of Bence “DeadFox” Böröcz

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How it all started

"At first I saw my neighbors playing Counter-Strike: Source, and then I started playing with them. I had a bad computer at the time, so I had to play CS at my friend's place. Then I got addicted and played a lot of hours of CS:S".

Studying is no obstacle for CS

"There were times when my parents unplugged the internet so I wouldn’t play that much. I was lucky because it was almost enough for me to pay attention at classes, so I didn’t need to study that much, of course sometimes I had to study more, but it is true that I had bad grades because of CS:S".

The beginning of esports path

"I was playing League of Legends, and then my old Hungarian friends invited me to a Hungarian LAN, where I did well. Then I played for a year, after that I almost stopped playing CS:GO, but I got another invite, so we made it in some Cologne LAN qualifier, it was kind of big at the time. We did okay at the qualifier but after we made some changes, we started to play with international players".

About joining HellRaisers

"When I was in Escape, we had some difficulties with the team, we couldn’t find the 5th. ANGE1 wrote to me that they would like to trial me, but at first I refused because I was loyal to my team. After we disbanded, I wrote to ANGE1 that I was free then, and that’s how I joined".

About priorities

"My plan is the legend title at a major. Real life: healthier lifestyle, gym, to get a tattoo, more time with my dog".

How to become a pro player?

"You just have to keep trying, attending some LANs, if possible, and the most important is to never give up, and of course you also need some luck to become a pro player". Don't think only about your shooting and pay attention to mistakes you make. Play FACEIT, that's how woxic made it in FPL, for example, and then joined HellRaisers.

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