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Why is it profitable to bet with bitcoins?

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Bitcoins are the future

Esport is huge and full of passion and hype, even small events have those. The bookmakers organizations have already entered the race for the viewers' money. However, while they suggest the old method, our partnerSportsbet.iogoes forwards and offers betting with bitcoins.

This is convenient

The cryptocurrencies are one of the most interesting technological innovations of the last years. The bitcoin is for sure the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and sets the tone for the whole industry by the right of the pioneer. It's convenient to bet with the cryptocurrency, since there's no need in digging through currency conversions or dealing with problems that appear while transferring Steam items.

Icing on the cake

All operations, needed to bet with bitcoins, can be made while sitting in your armchair and not wasting any minute of your time. The most important, though, is that if you play with us and bet on HellRaisers' matches, the guys from Sportsbet.io will add 20% to your winnings!

Every user is solely responsible for decisions related to betting. Keep in mind that you perform all gambling actions at your own risk. The article is sponsored content.

Sportsbet.io is betting on esports matches with bitcoins. Fast registration, convenience and integrity are the main advantages of our partner. Moreover, Sportsbet.io will increase your winnings by 20% if you bet on a match with HellRaisers!

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