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​HellRaisers.CS:GO beat Heroic

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Heroic @bo3 
(19:15 @Inferno, 19:16 @Cobblestone)

HellRaisers started as the CT side on the first map. The Danes seized the initiative right from the first rounds, although by the side switching HR had got in the game and bridged the gap. After the side switching though, taking place at a 6:9 score, HellRaisers lost control over the game and, as a result, had to fight for the overtimes. During the additional time, HellRaisers did manage to beat the opponent.

The 2nd map started with a CT side for our team, too. HR won 9 rounds in the first half, which was enough to play the second half confidently. Having switched to the attacking side, HellRaisers won the pistol round, but right in the first buy one lost the initiative to the Danes. Eventually, we saw the ovetimes again, where HellRaisers turned out to be stronger, again, 2:0.

Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov's comment:

«We’re glad we’ve won. The comeback on Inferno was especially good, even though we started pretty badly, having lost two-three 2 vs 1 situations. Anyway, the in-game leader made excellent calls after that, playing the T side, and the players perfectly understood what they had to do to win the round. We could have finished Cobblestone without problems, but started making mistakes in situations after trades and thus lost lots of rounds we should have taken. Such matches surely give us a lot of experience and we’re getting strongest by the day»

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