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HellRaisers.Dota 2 to play against w33’s new team

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 HellRaisers vs  w33 — 19.09, 16:30 CEST @bo3

 HellRaisers: 33, Keyser, MiLAN, j4, SexyBamboe

 W33: Timado, canceL^^, KheZu, w33, Saksa

A new gaming Dota 2 season is gaining momentum. We're having qualifiers again today, but for another tournament such as PGL Open Bucharest 2017.

HellRaisers will have a five led by w33 as an opponent in the group stage. The roster of our enemy is more than just well-known. w33 and Saksa are runner-the ups of The International 2016. KheZu played for Team Secret for a long time, canceL^^ played for the team with 33 and MiLAN, and Timado proved himself very talented in Peruvian team Infamous.

Such a roster is extremely dangerous, but our players aren't afraid of big names. They are sure in their strength and ready to show the spectacular Dota!

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