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End of P250’s era? New update by Valve

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The new patch has brought changes to the standard T side pistol and to one of the most popular pistols in the game. All changes are made, following the idea of making the pistols a more skill-based weapon.

The patch is currently on the test server. In order to launch it, you need to change your game client to "" through the Steam library.

List of changes:
  • Significantly reduced unarmored aimpunch.
  • Additional changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons.
  • Glock: Slight adjustments favoring accurate players who close the distance to their opponent.
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced damage at longer distances
    • Slightly improved accuracy while firing rapidly
    • Slightly improved accuracy while moving
  • P250: The P250 has been adjusted to reward longer-distance engagements, particularly against unarmored opponents.
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced armor penetration
    • Improved damage at longer distances
    • Reduced accuracy while moving

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