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“The goal for this season is to qualify for TI 2018”, MiLAN about himself, reshuffles and Gabe Newell

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Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara has been on the pro scene for a while and you've got lot of quetions. It's time we gave you the answers!

How did your career start?
My career started when I was playing  a LAN tournament in Serbia with my friends. We played well, finished 2nd, losing 2:3 in the finals to the best team in Serbia, after that I got invited to that team and that's how it started.

CS:GO has NiKo, Dota 2 has you and a few players from BIG. How are things going with the pro scene on your homeland? What players would you distinguish?
The secene is pretty rough, almost nonexistent I would say, especially in Bosnia. Notable players are Lizzard and Emperor.

How much does the language barrier get in the way?
There is no language barrier at all.

Do you remember your first match in Dota 2?
My first pub match was like 10 years ago, I was playing PotM and my friend told me not too skill arrow because "it's hard to land", of course I instantly skilled it and hit my first shot, that's what made it memorable.

What do you think about the European reshuffle? Who has benefited from it the most?
Team Secret and OG I would say. Both got really good individual players that will fit their style.

What are your goals for this season?
The goal for this season is to improve both individually and as a team, also play as many LANs as we can and of course to qualify for TI8.

What would you like to change in your play?
I would like to have more self-confidence and to be more relaxed in my games, sometimes when game starts going wrong I have hard time coming back.

What can you say about SexyBamboe? Is it easy to swap roles on the team?
I don’t know Bamboe personally so much, but I know he is a very good individual player and that he is a kind of guy that makes flashy plays. Swapping role isn’t easy, but with a lot of effort we should be able to go through it.

If you meet Gabe Newell, what will you say to him? 
I’m not sure, probably would thank him for making the Dota 2 competitive scene for what it is and giving us a chance to do what we love for living.

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