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How to play and win at Roulette?

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Don't make a bet as soon as you start playing. Skip a few turns, try to understand the sequence. Don't bet your money on a color, even if it appears 9 times in a row. Skip a turn if you're not sure in your choice.

Martingale method

The Martingale method is considered to be one of the safest methods to play Roulette. It allows decreasing the chance of losing and increasing the chance of turning your profit as much as possible.

The method is about doubling your bet in case of losing.

At first you bet 1 coin on Red. If you lose, then bet 2 coins on Red (if you win, then your winning will be 1 coin, after which you should bet with 1 coin again, but this time on Black).

If you lose again, then you bet 4 coins on Red (if you win, then your winning will be 1 coin and you should start over but now you bet on Black).

If you get a zero, then you double your bet, but now you bet on the opposite color, i.e. if you've been betting 1 coin on Black, then you should bet 2 coins on Red now.

Criticism of Martingale method

  • Low profit in case of winning.
  • Large amount of money for bets.

Set a limit for yourself

Have you lost? Is luck not helping you today? Keep in mind that the purpose of any game is fun. Stop and return next time with the appropriate mood.

Got a big win? Leave the game

Push greed aside and get your winnings. You can win more, of course, but the feeling of frustration is the the most likely scenario after the continuation.

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