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HellRaisers leave The International 2017

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Invictus Gaming @bo2

The first map started with an even fight. Both teams focused on the middle lane and were regularly trading the supports there. After getting the sixth levels, the speed of the game dropped, though it didn't play into our players' hands. The heroes of the Chinese team eventually got the needed items and managed to enter the ramp. As a result of the long storm, IG managed to make HellRaisers give up.

The beginning of the game was rather balanced on the second map, too. By the 20th minute, the diagrams had been near zero, and the teams didn't rush to change the situation. However, after the 20th minute, the Chinese team managed to make a few single kills, seize the initiative and start taking control over the map. Having found themselves under siege, HR gave a fight and forced a trade, but the situation turned out to be hopeless. 0:2 in OG's favor.

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Cloud9 @bo2

The last match in the group wouldn't change anything for HellRaisers. Cloud9 was the opponent, and the Americans didn't need the points much. HellRaisers started well on the first map and were pushing the opponent rather successfully. However, C9 were answering with kills and staying afloat. The problems started in full-fledged team fights. HellRaisers lost a few fights and thus lost the initiative. 0:1.

The second map followed a similar scenario. A successful beginning by HellRaisers, an opponent cornered on the base, and problems appearing in team fights. A crucial point was a fight at the 35th minute where HellRaisers lost five heroes, having taken only one away, and this turned the tide. HellRaisers tried to comeback, but all the attempts were unsuccessful. 0:2. 

HellRaisers leave The International 2017. Thanks to all fans for supporting during the tournament!

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