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The International 2017 third match day results

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Virtus.pro @bo2

HellRaisers decided to focus on farming on the first map and thus let the opponent seize the initiative. The plan worked until the 20th minute: despite the kill advantage of the enemy, the total worth of both teams was equal. But then the team fights started and HellRaisers couldn't fight back. Although both teams were making mistakes, Virtus.pro managed to save the initiative. With a few more fights lost, HR found themselves far behind the opponent, eventually losing the game.

HellRaisers set the speed of the game themselves on the second map, though. HellRaisers were pushing the enemy during most of the time and were giving him no time to take a breath. After the 40th minute, VP got stuck in their own base, although they did fight back and were gradually returning in the game. The fate of the game was decided by a failed fight at Vitrus.pro's base where HellRaisers lost all of their heroes, which resulted in VP turning the tide.

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Newbee @bo2

HellRaisers showed a good beginning on the first map and kept the starting advantage for some period of time. However, the Chinese team wouldn't give up and started to win back by catching the HR heroes one at a time. Such an approach worked out and the diagrams got even. Newbee turned out to be stronger in this situation.

The second map started with strong pressing by Newbee, which was accompanied by mistakes and trades. However, despite losses from both sides, the game was going into the Chinese team's hands. A fight at the 15th minute showed the enemy's advantage and HellRaisers had to look for a way out from the appeared situation. Nevertheless, a few more rights ended in Newbee's favor and so did the second game of this match day.

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