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HellRaisers to fight for reaching the TI7 playoff

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 HellRaisers vs  Invictus Gaming  5.08, 18:00 CEST @bo2

 HellRaisers vs  Cloud9  5.08, 23:00 CEST @bo2

 HellRaisers: Swiftending, Keyser, 33, MiLAN, j4, Saksa
 Invictus GamingBurNIng, Op, Xxs, BoBoKa, Q 
 Cloud9: EternaLEnVy, FATA-, MSS, Aui_2000, pieliedie

Our team didn't manage to get wins yesterday. Now, there are only deciders left.

The first match will be a battle against the Chinese from IG. The legendary BurNIng gathered young players around himself and currently has all chances to start the playoff from the upper bracket. Invictus Gaming beat team Cloud9 and ended in a draw with OG yesterday. The upcoming meeting is essential for our opponent. IG, as well as the other Chinese teams, prove that the representatives of this region are in good shape and are ready to fight for high places in the standings.

The second match can be decisive for HellRaisers. EternaLEnVy's team is currently taking the 8th place in group B, beating HellRaisers by 1 point. It's entirely possible that this face-to-face meeting will decide who will play on stage in front of thousands of viewers. With motivation going through the roof, HellRaisers will do their best to fix all the mistakes and show their best play!

Despite lack of experience with such dangerous opponents, our team fights with each of them and gets more experienced by the game. HellRaisers will do their best to make it into the playoff

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