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The International 2017 second match day results

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  Execration @bo2

The first map was rather strange. Although HellRaisers chose a push-aimed pick, they didn't rush to destroy the enemy's towers, while Execration acted overaggressively in the early stage of the game. A fragile balance was on the map during a long period of time, and either team couldn't take the lead, although Execration's getting key items let them earn the decisive advantage and end the game in their favor.

The second map started with a not less aggressive note, the teams wouldn't hesitate to kill each other, but no obvious aggression was seen. All changed when the heroes got their ultimate abilities. HellRaisers turned out to be stronger in this situation. After a few successful trades, they managed to take the graphics lead. While keeping the initiative, the HR players cornered the opponents, made them buy back all their heroes and then just finished off the remaining constructions and won the second map. 

 HellRaisers [0:2]  OG @bo2

The first match started well for both teams. Both carries last hit the minions without trouble, supports moved around the map and it was only the middle lane where HellRaisers had considerable advantage. However, the very first aggression on OG's middle lane player ended in failure and made the situation even. After the first serious fight, the advantage was taken by OG. With no mistakes made by the opponents, HellRaisers weren't able to stop the enemy's plans and lost the first map.

HellRaisers played the second map against the time, the opponent had a more late-oriented pick, and our five had to force their speed. However, OG implemented their pick really well and brought their carry the farm he needed. HR couldn't fight back and had to give up.

 HellRaisers [0:2]  DC @bo2

The first map of the decider started with HR having problems on the middle lane. Thanks to constant pressure, the DC players managed to make trouble for HellRaisers in the middle of the map. HellRaisers never got to whip the opponent away, and the situation got only worse. In the middle of the game, HellRaisers couldn't turn the time and DC, with a couple of won team fights and the advantage being fixed, won the first map. 

HellRaisers seized the initiative right from the first minutes of the second map, although they had to hurry up again this time. The HR players managed to keep control over the game in the first half and leave no farm to the opponent. However, after 40 minutes, DC got into the game again, and the battle took an active stage. DC were stronger in this situation and, an hour later since the game began, won the match.

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