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HellRaisers begin TI7 with a loss

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  LGD.FY @bo2

The first blood was drawn by the LGD.FY players, but soon HR stroke back and seized the initiative. HellRaisers managed to keep the lead for some time, but after the early stage of the game was over, HellRaisers faced problems. LGD.FY would do well in team fights and that turned the tide. The HR players never got the initiative back, so the first map ended with a victory of the Chinese team.

The second map started with an equal fight, the teams in general didn't change their approach to the game much in comparison with the first map. HellRaisers managed to put pressure on the opponent for a while, but a few failed team fights resulted in our guys losing the speed and LGD.FY getting a chance. A few attacks later, HR found themselves closed on their own base, gradually losing the second map.


Match statistics is taken from dotabuff.com

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