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Interview with Uroš “Swiftending” Galić

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 Swiftending is the top 1 Slark on Dotabuff, author of numerous highlights and carry of team HellRaisers. This is the first The International for Uroš  and we have prepared a few important questions for him!

Hello, Uroš! There are only a few days left before The International 2017, are you ready?
Yeah, this is what I practiced for.

What are your thoughts on the bootcamp? Was it beneficial?
The bootcamp was pretty good, we had everything that we needed and we had scrims against some of the best teams in the world so I would say it helped us test our limits and see how good some of the stuff we wanted to play is.

You’ve got a new coach, Saksa. How does he help you? Has he changed something in your play?
Saksa adds a lot of knowledge about stuff we don't even think about, helps us with map movement and overall challenges each player's approach to the game. I feel he provided us with another perspective on how the game should be played. 

(Uroš played on Elements Pro Gaming for almost a year) 

You showed a powerful play at the qualifiers, including the game on your signature Slark. Do you think that your style of playing this hero is different from the one that other professionals have?
Not that different, I usually do try to make stuff around the map happen and some players prefer the more farming oriented builds on Slark. I'd say it depends from game to game which route you want to take. 

(Swiftending's Slark is highly appreciated by professionals of their business)

You and your team are to go up against the best teams of the world. You haven’t played a match against some of them. Are you nervous?
Not yet, at least not until we're up there on the stage. I'm going into this tournament with the mindset that it does not matter who it is on the other side as long as we play our cards correctly, so there is no pressure from that aspect.

Some betting office gives your team a chance of 1 to 95. Thus a question appears, how will you feel about the betting market’s bankruptcy in case of your victory?
I will definitely feel good for the fans that cheered and believed in us!

Thank you for making the time, any shout-outs?
Shoutout to our fans, sponsors, and everyone else who made it possible for us to be here!

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