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Non-meta heroes of HellRaisers

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HellRaisers have a pretty diverse pool of heroes. Some of them like Queen of Pain or Sand King are in the current meta and are popular, especially in Europe, while others aren't as popular on the pro scene, although can be frequently seen played by our players.


HellRaisers regularly pick Lycan as a carry. HellRaisers have taken it more often than any team in Europe and shown a very good result. There are a few reasons for a comparatively low popularity of Lycan, and most of them are objective. Luckily, our five manages to use its best side and eventually get an excellent percentage of wins. 


Another non-meta pick is Clinkz. HellRaisers don't pick it that often, but still more frequently than the others. Despite the recent buff, Clinkz is still a very situational hero. You should always base your play on timings and positions, avoiding enemy's attacks. HR could not always do that, and so Clinkz would bring losses, too.


Clockwerk, as well as the two previous heroes, is on the edge of the meta. It's chosen sometimes, but it can still be easily replaced with other heroes in draft. Nevertheless, HellRaisers would hardly agree to change Clockwerk, since the winrate of theirs with this pick is huge. It's noteworthy that at the past qualifiers, Clockwerk won a one-hour match, which isn't a simple task for this hero.

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