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Useful tricks: Train. Episode #10

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Try it out:

To practice the tricks listed below, all you need to do is start a game by using the console command "map de_inferno". Moreover, the following commands may come in handy:

  • sv_cheats 1 — allows using cheats
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 999999 — sets round time
  • bind z "give weapon_flashbang" — gives a flashbang when button "z" is pressed
  • bind b "give weapon_molotov" — gives a molotov when button "b" is pressed
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 — infinite ammo
  • bind v "noclip" — turn on and turn off the airplane mode when button "v" is pressed
  • sv_grenade_trajectory 1 — shows the trajectory of grenades
  • sv_showimpacts 1 — shows the marks of bullets

To take a closer look at what's going on, you can open a contextual menu of a gif image. In order to do that, you need to right click on the gif and choose the correct menu option.

1. Connector smoke



While entering B, you need to pay attention to several positions at once. Connector is one of the most important, since it's a very convenient position for a sniper. However, you can always block the spot with such a simple smoke.

2. Upper B smoke


Another popular defensive sniper position is B ramp, from which a sniper can watch both entrances and make the defense's life noticeably more difficult. And again, such an easy-to-perform smoke can knock the sniper out of the game.

3. Blue train smoke from first line



The entrance from T main can be watched from a few sides at the same time, one of which is the first line where usually there is a sniper. This smoke may come in handy to the attacking side.

4. A flash from Connector


If the T-side players have smoked Connector and are trying to take A, then you can counter attack them by using your own flash grenade. This nade can be thrown off the wall and can blind the entrance from Up-down and a player standing behind E-box.

5. Fire to all A windows


The windows on A are taken rather rarely, though a player holding this position immediately becomes a headache to the opponent. Such a molotov completely covers this spot regardless of the windows being broken or not.

Bonus: Fire to B stairs


Previously, we showed you how to stop the attack on B with a smoke from Connector. It'll be a molotov from A this time.

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