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Coverage: DreamHack Atlanta 2017

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Another tournament of the DreamHack 2017 series will take place in Atlanta, USA from July 21-23. 8 teams from Europe and USA will fight for the championship and the 100 000 $ prize fund.

The group stage will use a GSL system. With two groups of 4, only two will reach the playoff. The group stage's format will be best-of-one for all matches, but the deciders where a best-of-three format will be used. The playoff's system is single-elimination best-of-three.

Prize fund:

1 place — 50 000 $
2 place — 20 000 $
3-4 place — 10 000 $
5-6 place — 3 000 $
7-8 place — 2 000 $


Match schedule (CEST) and Results:

 HellRaisers [1:2]  Heroic @bo3 (16:12 @Mirage, 8:16 @Inferno, 3:16 @Overpass)
 HellRaisers [2:0]  Misfits @bo3 (16:7 @Overpass, 16:14 @Inferno)
 HellRaisers [14:16]  Renegades @Mirage
 HellRaisers [16:10] Binary Dragons @Cache

Group A

 16:10   HellRaisers    
  Binary Dragons    
     14:16   Renegades
 16:9   Renegades  
  Binary Dragons  2:0   HellRaisers
 0   Misfits  

 Group B

 16:5   EnVyUs    
  NRG eSports    
     9:16   Heroic
  NRG eSports  2:0   EnVyUs
 1:2    GODSENT  



 1:2   Heroic    



 HellRaisers  GODSENT  EnVyUs  Heroic


 disco doplan



 NRG eSports  Renegades  Binary Dragons  Misfits






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