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5 things you can’t imagine esports CS:GO without

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1. Emotions

You do remember of course how GeT_RighT was crying sitting at the trophy, and what emotions the Brazilians from LG had after winning their very first major tournament. CS:GO brings unbelievable emotions. Thanks to that, esports live and develop. This is the soul of esports.

2.  LAN events

Having started with BYOC when everyone would bring their pc to the competition, CS now has got to the football stadiums and world leading play fields. Thousands of fans in the stands, commentators' voices flying around the stadium – the atmosphere of a LAN event is inexpressible. You won't feel esports until you don't attend such an event.

3. Fans

There are different fans. Some are always with their team; others look for a chance to take out on the players. Even though a team may not have lots of true fans, it appreciates each of them, fights for them and gets better. Thanks to the fans, HellRaisers always find motivation to overcome all problems and move on. 

4. Bets

If there's a competition and viewers, there will be bets. Since the bets came, the world of esports has changed. Many watch matches just to find out whether their bet wins or not. That's why esportmen don't like the idea of betting coming into esports CS:GO, though not all the services do bad things.

Some of them help young teams and hosts tournaments, or sponsors them. Thus, CSGOPolygon is a sponsor of Binary Dragons csgopolygon Season 1. The service knows not only how to satisfy the players' thirst but also supports esportmen, develops the industry, which is a good exception to the rule. 

5. Highlights

We've prepared for you a few episodes of the fantastic five series dedicated to highlights made by the esports stars: highlights that got graffiti, the coolest clutch rounds and best ninja defuses.

Such moments make it into history and get remembered for a long time. There are situations when you are rewatching a highlight and start to recall the commentator's voice and you know what's about to happen the next second. These unforgettable feelings. 

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