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Fantastic five: Shocking VAC moments in CS:GO history

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1. VAC-movie от  flusha

Robin Rönnquist in his 23 years is a true CS:GO legend. His moves were so confident that the viewers actually thought he was cheating.

2.   Skadoodle vs  flusha

Event Dreamhack Valencia 2015

Every VAC gets a response VAC. flusha was about to destroy the Cloud 9 team when the cunning Skadoodle decided to take down his opponent through the wall and showed the Swede that he wasn't the only one having fantastic blindly shooting skills.

3.   ANGE1 vs  Liquid

Event: MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier

With a 14:15 score and HellRaisers having no chance for a victory, ANGE1 decided to try KQLY's secret methods in a one versus two situation. Kirill jumped, Kirill hit and brought HellRaisers another chance in the overtime.

4.  Hiko vs  GeT_RiGhT

Event: ESL One Cologne 2014 

GeT_RiGhT was sure of his position and was ready to meet Hiko, though the American had the inhuman reaction. What happened next made it in the CS:GO history forever. 

5.  Happy vs  TSM

EventDreamHack Open London 2015

You can't forget this moment for sure. The French player got such a momentum that he destroyed all the opponents by himself, and neither smoke nor a number of the enemies could stop him. How can this be possible? Happy proved that one such moment is enough to make you a legend.

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