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Fantastic five: The most touching in CS:GO history

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1.  s1mple gets emotional

EventMLG Columbus Major – Qualifier (2016)

HellRaisers and Liquid fought for reaching the American major on the third map where no mistakes were allowed. It's not a simple task to stay calm in such conditions; especially when Liquid came back from a 7:14 score and took a victory. In the post-match interview, s1mple showed his feelings. Columbus Major would take place very soon where the Ukrainian player will become one of its MVPs.

2.  fer doesn't believe his first championship at the major

Event MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016

Hardly anyone could think that the Brazilians from LG, for whom MLG Columbus Major 2016 was their first major tournament, would get the champion cup. A confident victory over Natus Vincere, the fans' joy… fer couldn't believe what was going on.

3.  GuardiaN after victory over  Virtus.pro

Event: ESL One New York 2016

The ESL One New York 2016 grand final turned out to be very intense. Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro defined the strongest one only in additional rounds of the decider. It was a rather important victory for the Slovak sniper and he couldn't hold his tears.

4.  GeT_RiGhT and his emotions at the champion cup

Event: ESL One Cologne 2014

The ESL One Cologne playoff wasn't easy for Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Swedes had won all meetings and such an intense course of the tournament couldn't let them relax even for a second. Only after a victory over Fnatic in the grand final series could GeT_RiGhT finally sit at the champion cup and take a breath. The fight was over and a victory was gained by NiP. A legendary tournament, a legendary player, and a not less legendary moment. 

5.  HeatoN is happy to have beat NiP

Event ESL One Cologne 2014

You've seen the players' emotions today, but it's also worth watching how a legend of the Swedish CS scene and also NiP's manager is worried for the team. Although it's been a while since then, HeatoN still worries for his players as much and awaits for new victories.

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