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Operation Hydra: What you need to know

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The last-but-one operation called Wildfire ended almost a year ago — on 15 July 2016. If you've forgotten what these operation are for or see them in CS:GO for the first time, then check out the answers to the most asked questions we've prepared especially for you.

How to participate in Operation Hydra?

Operation Hydra will last 18 weeks and so will the new game modes available for all players and also additional functions for owners of Operation Hydra All-Access Pass.

Players without Operation Hydra All-Access Pass will be able to take part in the weekly events and also to play the seven Operation Maps in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes. 

Owners of Operation Hydra All-Access Pass will have a unique coin (upgradable to the new Diamond level), an Operation Journal to track their progress, and a campaign of Guardian missions.

How to upgrade the coins?

In order to upgrade the coin, you need to earn stars by completing the Guardian missions, and also by participating in Hydra Events. You'll earn a star for each 2 000 Guardian XP (up to 7 stars), and for 2 000 Event XP (up to 18 stars).

The coin can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The Bronze coin is what you get at the beginning, and to upgrade it you need to earn 5, 18 and 25 stars, respectively.

How to earn Guardian EX and Event XP?

In order to earn Guardian XP, you need to complete a Guardian mission. You can replay a Guardian mission as often as you like, but you can earn Guardian XP only from the first one. You can earn Event XP by participating in weekly Hydra events.

Each player starts with a limited pool of 2000 available Event XP, and the pool increases by 2000 XP each week (up to 36,000 XP). You can earn available Event XP all at once, or slowly over time. Don't worry if you've missed a few weeks or have started late – every player can earn the same maximum Event XP.

How to get operation Hydra weapon or case?

You get a case or a weapon whenever you've collected enough experience to open a star. Then, you'll receive a reward which is either a case or an operation weapon. This rule applies to Guardian missions, as well.

If you got a drop in a match where you earned your star, complete another match to get one of the rewards. Operation weapons will come from the following operation collections: Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, The Rising Sun, and Chop Shop. 

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