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How to become an esportsman

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Henry Ford once said that the best job is a high-paid hobby. These words are still relevant today. Perhaps, every player dreams of his hobby becoming a means of living and of achieving success in the field of virtual competitions.


You should start your esports career, as well as many other things, with preparation. You need to decide on the discipline, make the time to combine both gaming and studying or work. You may need to upgrade your computer to a certain configuration. Moreover, you need to work on yourself. The great majority of popular disciplines are team-based, so the abilities to stay calm even in stressed situations and to work in team will come in handy. 

Personal skills

You shouldn't forget about your personal skills. Even if you are a good team player, you won't go far without the high skill of your own. Fortunately, the in-game leader of our team, Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, has already written a blog where he talks about methods on improving your play (the picture below is clickable).


An active social life is very important for those only starting their path in esports. You must speak with other players on forums and chats and make new contacts and acquaintances as much as possible. While you're part of the community, it's much easier to create a team, ask for advice or find out some details about the event. You'd also need to find enemies for practice.


Be ready for long gaming sessions, constant work on errors and learning new features and tricks. The knowledge of nuances and the ability to make fast decisions will be the line that distinguishes you from the others.


The final step will be participation in tournaments. Luckily, today there's a full-fledged infrastructure, and there are enough tournaments of amateur level. You can make it into most competitions through open qualifiers where usually there's a round sum at stake. 

Thus, the first season of BinaryDragons and CSGOPolygon with the 20 000$ prize fund had 2 teams that got through the open qualifiers. It's noteworthy that CSGOPolygon is one of few services that support small tournaments and give a chance to young talents to realize their dreams.

You shouldn't be afraid to play at open qualifiers of large events. The tournament play has its peculartieis which you can't find out in training or in public games. Indeed, most players get very nervous in their first games, and only the experience helps to take control of your emotions.

In order to become an esportsman, you just need to play better, think faster and know more, but for that you need to play an endless number of practice games, lose quite a few matches and always remember that you can only come to the stars through hard work.

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