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Fantastic five: The funniest rounds in CS:GO history

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There are many funny moments within the pro scene, and you've surely seen some of them. However, there are cases that make it into the CS:GO history. In this article, we're going to tell you about the 5 funnies rounds of professional players!

1.  NiP vs  Alternate aTTaX

EventSLTV StarSeries IX (2014)

Let's begin with the distant 2014. The strength of Ninjas in Pyjamas was then fantastically great, and Alternate aTTax got in the middle of it. At a 13:1 score, the Swedish team decided to show unexpected strats: five Negevs, and then NiP demonstrated a new, previously unknown strategy.

2.  summit1g vs  CLG

Event DreamHack Austin 2016

It was DreamHack Austin 2016. The group stage didn't go well for team Splyce, though a victory in a match against CLG let the squad continue fighting for the playoff. Splyce got a match-point on the first map at a 15:11 score, and summit1g took an unbelievable clutch. You'd think it's impossible to lose a round when there are no enemies alive, and there's enough time to defuse the bomb. Well, this guy did.

3.  KKona vs  CLG

Event: CEVO Season 9 Pro League 2016

At the beginning of this moment, you may think that the main character is tarik from CLG who showed an incredible spray control. He isn't though. The American scene is full of talents, and sometimes they show something truly strange.

4.  Zeus vs  CLG

Event: DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015

Strats are cool, but something you need to take a risk and improvise. Zeus believed that fire can be beaten by self-confidence, but the cunning Molotov turned out to be too hot.

5.  Sweden vs  Finland

Event King of Nordic (2015)

Knife rounds are usually not very interesting. The Swedes and Finns decided to change this rule and showed the most epic knife round in the history. Pistol juggling, fake planting and an escape that led the round to end in an unexpected way. It's worth watching.

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