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HellRaisers lose to NiP twice

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 HellRaisers [14:16]  NiP @Train

HellRaisers started the first map on the CT side and played it rather confidently. They would manage to repel the Swedes' attack without difficulty, thus gradually taking the lead by rounds. By the side switching HR had had an overwhelming advantage. The second half started with our team winning the pistol round, though after that HellRaisers' game got worse by the minute. NiP in turn got a chance to comeback, which they took and won the first half with a minimum difference in points.

 HellRaisers [5:16]  NiP @Cache

Our team began the second map on the attack. The first half ran with a mixed success — the HR players wouldn't force their pace of the game. The only hope was those four rounds which gave them the right for a mistake on the defense. Nevertheless, after the side switching HR didn't manage to turn the tide, and thus the second map was taken by NiP again.

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