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HellRaisers trade points with FaZe

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 HellRaisers [16:14]  FaZe @Train

HellRaisers started the first map on the CT side and had an excellent first half. They managed to seize the initiative and got a considerable advantage. By the side switching HR had taken 12 rounds and thus secured a good foundation for the attack. In the second half, though, FaZe tried to comeback and they lacked only one round to do so. 16:14 in HR's favor.

 HellRaisers [15:19]  FaZe @Cache

The second half followed a similar scenario — though this time our five started on the attack. A won pistol round, a loss in the first buy round and a streak that lasted almost until the end of the first half. 12:3 again. FaZe took a pistol round in the second half, and they were bridging the gap round by round. Eventually, a temporary draw appeared on the map — 12:12. Following the results of both sides, the winner wasn't found; and in overtimes FaZe were the one earning the points.

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