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Coverage: DreamHack Tours 2017

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It hasn't been even a week and HellRaisers return to DreamHack again to meet a few recent opponents. The format and prize fund haven't changed.


Another DreamHack Open tournament will take place in the city of Tours on 6-8 May. 7 teams from Europe and one team from North America will play to the joy of fans and local audience.

The group stage will feature a GSL system where all matches of the Upper Bracket will be played in a best-of-one format, while the Lower Bracket will use a best-of-three format. The two best teams from each group will advance out to the playoff which will have a single-elimination best-of-three format.

Prize fund: $100,000

1 place — $50,000 ( G2 Esports)

2 place — $20,000 ( HellRaisers)

3-4 place  — $10,000 ( mousesports,  Misfits)
5-6 place — $3,000 ( Natus Vincere,  Tricked)
7-8 place — $2,000 ( EnVyUs,  Heroic)


 HellRaisers [0:2]  G2 Esports @bo3 (6:[email protected], 14:16 @Cobblestone)
 HellRaisers [2:0]  Misfits @bo3 (16:14 @Cobblestone, 16:7 @Cache)
 HellRaisers [16:13]  Tricked Esport @Train
 HellRaisers [16:5] EnVyUs @Cache

 1:2   G2 Esports    
  G2 Esports    
     2:0   G2 Esports
 2:0   HellRaisers  
Group stage:

 Group A

  Natus Vincere        
 16:5   Natus Vincere    
     3:16   mouz
 16:10   mouz  
      Natus Vincere    
  Misfits  1:2   Misfits
 2:1   Misfits  

Group B

 16:5   HellRaisers    
     16:13   HellRaisers
  G2 Esports      
 7:16   Tricked Esport  
  Tricked Esport      
      Tricked Esport    
  EnVyUs     G2 Esports
    G2 Esports  
  G2 Esports    



 HellRaisers  Heroic  G2 Esports  Tricked Esport














 Natus Vincere  EnVyUs  mouz  Misfits


















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