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HellRaisers lose to mousesports

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 HellRaisers [12:16]  mousesports @Mirage

The first map was Mirage. After a mistake in the pistol round, HellRaisers recollected themselves and set a temporary draw on the map, which lasted until the end of the first half. Our players turned out to be stronger at a 7:7 score and thus ended the first side in their favor. The second pistol round was failed, HellRaisers couldn't catch up with mouz and lost important situations, thus ending up with a 12:16 score.

 HellRaisers [8:16]  mousesports @Cache

The beginning of Cache wasn't confident enough for HellRaisers, and constant open frags by oskar gave mouseports too much advantage in the attack. Despite that, our players didn't let mouz outrun them much and thus the first half ended with a 7:8 score. Having won another pistol round, mouz started to take the lead. Disappointing defeats in key clutch rounds didn't allow HellRaisers to cling to the victory. mousesports won with a 16:8 score.

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«It would be difficult to win after losing four pistol rounds and most clutch rounds. Important points were lost as well as the chances to reach the LAN. We're very are disappointed with our play».

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