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In pursuit of Dallas LAN Finals

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 HellRaisers vs  mousesports  25.04, 19:00 CET @bo1

 HellRaisers vs  mousesports  25.04, 20:10 CET @bo1

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox
 mousesportsoskar, chrisJ, ropz, denis, loWel

HellRaisers are taking the 9th place in the standings of ESL Pro League Season 5. We've got a tough opponent today such as team mousesports. The Europeans have taken the fourth place, which is 9 points ahead of our guys; however, that doesn't guarantee them much. Each remaining meeting in this league is essential. Everyone needs to earn points.

Last time HellRaisers met with mousesports within the qualifiers for the closed qualifiers for DreamHack Open Austin 2017. Our team then won the series with a 2:1 score (9:16 @Cobblestone, 16:3 @Cache, 16:12 @Mirage) and didn't let mouz go to Austin. Our opponent wasn't pleased with that for sure, which will make the upcoming match even more interesting. We expect to see a spectacular game and confident shooting from ANGE1 and his brothers in arms. 

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